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The Minutes of the 2017 National AGM 

This is a concise version of the minutes.

A full version of the minutes is available to members upon request.

From the National Secretary by emailing: info@cmpe.co.uk

Contractors Mechanical Plant Engineers 

55th Annual National General Meeting Minutes


Saturday 16th June 2017

The Village Hotel Club

East Park Drive




National Officers:                                                                                National Council Representatives:

M Webb                      National Chairman                                         S MacKay                Aberdeen

M Saddington           National Vice Chairman                                 H Brown                  Glasgow

M Farrington             Imm Past National Chairman                       K Coffee                   North West

S McDonald              National Treasurer                                          D Nicholson             Preston & Fylde

Mrs G Papp               National Secretary                                          Mrs A Farrington    Wessex         

P Bowring                  National Registrar     


Branch Chairperson                                                                           Marketing and PR Committee           

D Hodges                Manchester                                                       Gerry Bingham           Preston & Fylde


Association Members

A Toal                        Glasgow                                                           D Cunliffe               Preston & Fylde

J Longmuir               Glasgow                                                           E Peat                    Preston & Fylde

D Hodges                Manchester                                                       R Lea                     Preston & Fylde

S Humphris            Mid Shires                                                          I Quinn                   Preston & Fylde

G Tidbury                Mid Shires                                                         A Walker                 Preston & Fylde

M Clancy                 Staffs & Midlands                                            P Attwood               Wessex

J James                   North West                                                      National Members

J Jump                    North West                                                       M Papp                   National Member



 The Meeting Commenced at 10.05hrs

  1. Notice Convening the Meeting.                                                

The National Chairman asked that the Notice Convening the meeting to be taken as read.


  1. Welcome Address.

The National Chairman, M Webb welcomed all the 26 members (including the National Officers) who were in attendance and thanked the Preston & Fylde Branch for their efforts in organising the weekend.  He asked that all-in attendance had signed themselves in at the door and that those who wished had purchased their raffle tickets.


The National Chairman, M Webb, noted the points of order for the meeting,

  • reminding attendees that it was a non-smoking meeting,
  • requested that all mobile phones were to be switched off,
  • that there was to be silence when the National Chairman stands,
  • no two people were to stand at the same time
  • members were to clearly state their name and branch before speaking.
  • Each member attending will be accountable for a vote either for, against or abstaining


  1. Announcement of Officers Elected for 2017-2018.

The National Chairman, M Webb stated that M Farrington of Wessex Branch had been elected by proxy due to his late nomination in May 2017


National Vice Chairman,        M Farrington                     Wessex Branch

National Treasurer,                 S McDonald,                      Preston & Fylde Branch

National Registrar,                  P Bowring,                         Hampshire Branch


  1. Appointment of Scrutineers.                                                                            

The two scrutineers appointed D Cunliffe and D Nicholson both of Preston & Fylde Branch.


  1. Notification of written apologies for Absence

The National Secretary, Mrs G Papp, Noted the receipt of the following apologies for absence.


Aberdeen                Glasgow                  Hampshire                Manchester                  Mid Shires              North East               Preston & Fylde  

                                                                                                                                              A Ward                     R Legender  


 Staffs & Midlands                

G Mayo, S Kavanagh, M Curle, S Tranter, N Rowell, S Gregory, C Miller, A Hare, M Deakin, G Lawrence,

North West
              Sussex                                                            Wessex                              Yorkshire                

K Morgan                 F Fiveash , Mrs M Webb                                                                           D Bemrose


National Members

R Nugent


  1. Approval of the minutes from the 2016 National Annual General Meeting.

The National Chairman, M Webb, asked if everyone present had received the minutes from the 53rd National Annual General Meeting, in accordance with Rule 8, and if there were any queries about them.

The minutes were taken as read;

              Approved          S MacKay                     Aberdeen Branch

              Seconded         J Robinson                   Preston & Fylde Branch



                             Vote         For                  26

                                              Against            0

                                              Abstaining      0



The National Chairman M Webb signed the minutes as a true and accurate record of the 2016 National AGM


  1. Matters Arising from the minutes.

National Chairman, M Webb are there any matters arising from the minutes which will not be covered by the items on the agenda?

P Attwood, Wessex Branch, there are a couple of errors which need amending, on page 2 it states that M Saddington is of Wessex branch, this should read of Preston & Fylde Branch, on page 5 you have S McDonald listed as National Chairman when it should read National Treasurer

National Secretary, Mrs G Papp, thankyou I will ensure that they are amended accordingly.

National Treasurer, S McDonald, Mr Chairman, could I just make a comment regarding the items that are listed on page 4.  Regarding the £2,000 sponsorship from JCB that has subsequently been paid and we will be receiving a further £500 each year thereafter towards the upkeep of the National website.


National Registrar, P Bowring, with regards to the DHSS requirements for the CoC.  I have contacted the DHSS and they have informed me that due to the fact that we are not employers it is not our responsibility to check if the individuals National Insurance number is correct or not.  We no longer list the National Insurance number of their cards as we are not legally allowed to anymore due to the ageism law as you can use the number of the National Insurance number to work out their age.  We only have to take the number as proof of identification for the applicant it is purely down to the employer to check the validity of the individuals National Insurance number.  We now have to write on each of the cards “THIS CARD IS NOT TO BE USED FOR IDENTIFICATION PURPOSES”.  This covers everything that was brought up at our last NAGM.


There were no further matters arising from the minutes.


  1. National Chairman’s Report.

The National Chairman, M Webb, it has been a reasonable year, the last 3-4 months have been a little difficult due to Margaret fracturing her pelvis so I have not been able to travel to the branches as much as I would have liked.  I had a kind invitation from Preston & Fylde Branch to go to one of their meeting.  Unfortunately, due to Margaret’s accident I was not able to attend and again for the same reason, I was not able to attend Plantworx.  I was able to attend two functions in Scotland, once to Glasgow for the Gentlemen’s Evening which as always was a thoroughly enjoyable night and the second to the Aberdeen dinner dance again, a very pleasant experience where we were thoroughly looked after.  I am hoping now that Margaret is well on the road to recovery that I may, if the offer is still open, still attend a few branch functions over the next few months.


The National Chairman, M Webb asked if there were any questions with regards to his report.


There were no questions raised.


  1. The National Secretary’s Report:

The National Secretary. Mrs G Papp, the report for the New National Website will be given by J Robinson. I am happy to report that we have received a few more ‘new’ member applications as a result of our attending the exhibitions than we have in the past few years.  We have received a total of 8 new members just in the past 2 weeks. I would to thank the combined efforts from all the branches as this has been the very first year since taking on the role n 2011 that I have received the complete up to date branch members list and branch officer’s lists in time for the NAGM.  I shall now pass you on to J Robinson of Preston & Fylde Branch who will demonstrate and update you all on our wonderful new website.  I for one am extremely pleased with the results so far.


J Robinson, Preston & Fylde Branch, Good Morning everyone, the website is still a work in progress.  I was asked in September to take over the running of the website and bring it into this millennium and make it something more appealing to the public.

I officially took over in October and as you can see that have been some dramatic changes.

We received just over 3,000 hits last year of which each hit only lasting less than one minute.  From January to the beginning of this week the website has had more than 14,000 hits with an average of 3.5 minutes spent looking at the pages.  Which in “web time” is a very good viewing time.

I have all the contact forms come though me and then I forward them to the relevant people.  We have received 22 contact forms since February and we have been complemented on the speed in which we now respond to all of our queries.

The other thing that I have done is that I have now formed a new National Telephone number which is detailed on the website.  We took it on at £19.20 plus VAT per month plus £5 for 20 minutes of calls.  We have already used the minutes up.  We had 28 minutes in May and June is looking to be around the same figure.  What happens is that the phone is answered and I get an email straight away which I then action as soon as possible.  We have one chap who rang at 6.45hrs again at 7.00hrs and again at 7:15hrs.  I received the emails but I replied at 7.45hrs.  He was looking for Pat. I got hold of Pat and by 9.30hrs Pat had called him back and the query had been dealt with.  He was extremely pleased at how well and quickly we had dealt with it all.

D Nicholson, Preston & Fylde Branch, Mr Chairman, I would like to propose a vote of thanks to J Robinson for all of his hard work and man hours into setting up and making the website what it is today and for the National Phone number overall giving a far more professional outlook to the Association.


The National Secretary, Mrs G Papp, asked if there were any further questions regarding her report or for J Robinson and the website.


There were no questions                                                            

  1. The Acceptance of the Examined Accounts for the year ending 31st March 2017.

The National Treasurer, S McDonald, you will have in front of you the relevant pages for you to look at I will be forwarding a copy of the full report to all the branch secretaries in the upcoming week. Should any of you wish to see a copy of the full report today we have there are a few copies available.


A full copy of the treasurer’s report is available to members from the national secretary.


National Chairman, M Webb, can we have a proposer and seconder for the audited accounts please?


          Proposer    G Bingham                  PR & Marketing Executive

          Seconder    Mrs A Farrington      Wessex Branch    


The National Treasurer, S McDonald, asked if there were any questions with regards his report.


There were no further questions for the National Treasurer.              


  1. The Appointment of Independent Examiners.

National Chairman, M Webb, are we going to stay with our Auditors Menzies?

National Treasurer, S McDonald, Can I suggest that we do stay with Menzies as they are doing a fantastic job and they know how the association work.  We are on a reducing cost each year.

National Chairman, M Webb, can we have a show of hands if we are in agreement with that.


                                         For                    26

                                        Against              0

                                       Abstaining         0


It was decided by a unanimous vote to stay with Menzies as recommended by the National Treasurer.                                                                                          


  1. CoC Committee Report

National Registrar, P Bowring,

I have made sure that we have a standard paperwork system which is acceptable to HSE and the new 2015 CDM regulations and the 33 trainers are singing from the same hymn book, following the set assessment and training criteria.

I have now set up a website that will work for the CMPECoC for both sites and operators but it is still a work in progress.  As I said, when I took on this role,


Only this week I had a phone enquiry from Carillion Contractors head office regarding information about an operator.  He informed me that he was very impressed with both of our websites and it was obvious that we are a very professional organisation that had been going for the past 60 years.  He is planning to meet with the H&S department and his directors to propose to them a pitch from us to see what we can offer them as he can see our scheme saving them in excess of £30,000 in training cost.

We are now starting to impress the important people within the industry. We are also seriously moving forward and progressing the right direction with all trades, agriculture, horticulture and equine who are having to comply with the CDM regulations our market for the CoC sales is immense.

If the proposal for the Skills category to be added to the card goes a head the sky’s the limit.

I was approached at Plantworx to train some trainers in both Northern Southern Ireland as they want to use us as their awarding body for certification and I am arranging a visit in the not too distant future.

We already have trainers in South Africa and other African stated, Finland and other areas in Europe, so as you can see progress is good.  The promises that I made 4 years ago are slowly but surely getting there and I truly believe that once I have completed my 6th year in the role, we should be in a greater position in the country as a leading body.


The National Registrar asked if there were any questions regarding his report.


A full copy of the questions to the National Registrar is available to members from the National Secretary.


There were no questions for the National Registrar.

The National Chairman thanked the National Registrar for his report.


  1. PR & Marketing Report.

National PR & Marketing Executive, G Bingham, Preston & Fylde Branch, Good Morning everyone.  The figures that Stuart was talking about earlier were really for last year with Scotplant and Hillhead, but what I want to talk about is this year.  On 6th June Pat Bowring, Malcolm & Pauline Saddington and myself attended the Plantworx exhibition at Bruntingthorpe Airfield.  Which is still full of disused aircraft dating back to the war.  The exhibition took only a small part of the land on the west side of the airfield.  We set up the stand on the Monday.  Tuesday the weather was diabolical stair rod rain and high winds.  As we were sat in the exhibition hut the winds broke our headboard off and it went flying down to the Perkins stand further down.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.  By lunch time the winds abated and we had a trailer full of CMPE members.  On the Wednesday, the sun was shining and it was a very busy day with the amount of foot flow trebling from the day before.  We had many visitors and enquiries to the stand. There was the usual mini bus of Yorkshire members, Mick and Angie form our Wessex branch, and many other members.


On Thursday things turned a bit dull again.  Pat got up at 5am and went to the site with his vehicle and he took all the tables and chairs etc. and placed them next to the railings out of the way.  We were fortunate that our stand was on a tarmac area because the heavens opened and the rest of the site was a mud bath, which our National Secretary and a couple of her pupils can vouch for.  We thought it was going to be a disaster of a day but by mid-afternoon things picked up and the Managing Director of Avant who Pat has been dealing with, came to the stand and his dealer from Ireland also came to the stand and we had some very constructive conversations.  A big thank you to Pat for all of the work he put into the show and to both Malcom and Pauline Saddington for looking after everyone.  We also had a chap come to the stand who informed us about plant operators insurance and the Ogden rate insurance of 2017? The conversation went on and he stated that his company would provide the advisory service etc.  I am planning to table this at the September National Council Meeting to possibly take this on board as a benefit that we could offer to many of our members.


Our adverts for Earthmovers and Farm Machinery finish at the end of this year and I now feel that we have given this a good run but its maybe time to look for something new.  A few weeks ago, I received a telephone call from a chap from the Confederation of Master Builders, he stated that he had been looking at our website and that he was very impressed with it.  He could see that we are a long-established association and he wondered if we would be interested in advertising in their year book.  Normally I would shy away from anything like that but I thought this may be a new avenue for us so I asked him to forward some information to us.  I must admit that I am very impressed with the information that I have received.


Again, this is something that I am proposing to bring to the table in September.  The information is here for you to look at and I would appreciate any comments that you have.


National Treasurer, S McDonald, has he given you the price list?

PR & Marketing Executive, G Bingham, Preston & Fylde Branch, yes, I have the price list here.  I must thank John for the amazing website, it has been a tremendous help to the marketing side of things and I have received no end of positive comments.

S Mackay, Aberdeen Branch, how come I did not get a mention for attending the stand on the Wednesday?

PR & Marketing Executive, G Bingham, Preston & Fylde Branch, I do apologise, I did say many other members.


The Marketing & PR Executive asked if there were any questions regarding his report.


There were no further questions for the National PR & Marketing Executive


The National Chairman, thanked the PR & Marketing Executive for his report


  1. Proposals

The National Chairman, M Webb, do we have any proposals to put forward?

The National Secretary, Mrs G Papp, we received 2 proposals the first one being some comprehensive amendments to the rule book which J Robinson of our Preston & Fylde Branch will be giving the full details and the second from our National Council requesting that we also include Skills as a category on our CoC card and our National Registrar P Bowring will be presenting the details.


J Robinson, Preston & Fylde Branch, before I start I would like to offer a vote of thanks to all the National Officers and of course Gerry for all of their efforts in keeping the association up and running.  I appreciate all the hard work each individual has put into keeping up the standards and the running of the CMPE.  The rule book is extremely out of date.  Our National Chairman, M Webb, was going to arrange to get the rulebook reprinted last year with the amendments that had been agree in last years’ NAGM but I asked him not to go ahead as there were many more items that needed amending.  There are a further 14 more items which need to be amended, which I have detailed on the sheets in front of you.


Full details of the proposals and amendments to the rule book is available to members from the National Secretary.


D Cunliffe, Preston & Fylde Branch, may I propose a vote of thanks to John for all the efforts and time he has spent in bringing our Rulebook up to date.


National Chairman, M Webb, on to our second proposal. To make an addition to our CoC card to include Skills.  I shall now pass you on to our National Registrar, Pat Bowring for the details.

National Registrar, P Bowring, this was brought forward at our May National Council Meeting and I have also received letters from our members requesting that this category be placed on the card.  For many years this was included on the card but under different skills such as manual handling and site supervisor.

These were all removed as they were not relevant to a plant operators card.  However, under the new CDM 2015 regulations every labourer, horticulture has to have a certificate in proving that they have the necessary skills to use anything from a drill to a lawnmower.

When I first suggested this 3 years ago because it was not law I had it refused and I had to hand this to another company.

PR & Marketing Executive, G Bingham, Preston & Fylde Branch, Pat brought this up 3 years ago and I must admit I was dead against it as I did not see how this category fitted into the plant operators card.  But, I have changed my mind since reading the CDM in detail, what is happening within the industry and Pat is right the employer will be held responsible that their staff are competent in using any tool that they may have to use put on site and there has to be the necessary certification available to prove this.

National Registrar, P Bowring This time it has been requested by National Council and a couple of members and therefore as requested I am putting the proposal forward.  Do I have a seconder?


Seconder            Mrs A Farrington           Wessex Branch


                Vote                 For                     25

                                        Against               1

                                        Abstaining         0


The motion to add the Skills category to the CoC card was carried due to a unanimous vote.


No further proposals were put forward


  1. The Presentation of the Frank Hooper Shield.

National Vice Chairman, M Saddington, due to the late appointment of our National Vice Chairman Elect, I took this decision on board to ensure that the shield could be awarded at this NAGM.

As you are all aware the Frank Hooper Shield is presented to a branch or member of the association who has shown that they have gone the extra mile in promoting the Association.

After careful consideration, there is one member who has stood out to me over this past year.  Many of you may have never heard of him and I would say that a majority of his branch so not know him either.

He is a branch trainer and in the last year he has promoted the CMPE CoC card very successfully, issuing more cards than anyone else with a total of 37% of the overall CoC income coming from his efforts.

I present this year’s Frank Hooper Shield to George Stockton of our Staffs & Midlands Branch.

Unfortunately, neither he or any of the Staffs & Midlands Branch members could be with us here today so Gerry Bingham and I will be travelling down to see them at a branch meeting to present this to him.


  1. The Joe Russell Award

National Chairman, M Webb: This is a donation that we give, as an association, to a charity, which is chosen by the National Vice Chairman.

National Vice Chairman; M Saddington, this years’ Joe Russell award is going to The Guide Dogs for the Blind and we will be presenting a cheque for £1,000 at the dinner dance this evening.


  1. Any Other Business

National Chairman, M Webb, are there any other items that anyone wishes to bring forward for discussion at this meeting?

G Hill, Mid Shires Branch, may be this is not the time but, we lost a past National Chairman a couple of weeks ago, Dodd Carle, and we did not have a minutes’ silence or a mention made for his passing.

P Attwood, Wessex, the same can be said for Brian Crees another Past National Chairman who we also lost this year.

National Chairman, M Webb, I would like to apologise for not acknowledging the deaths of past national chairmen earlier.


  1. The installation of the New National Chairman

National Chairman, M Webb, now it comes down to the official business I now ask our National Vice Chairman M Saddington to step forward


The National Chairman, M Webb presents the National Chairman’s’ Jewel to The National Vice     Chairman, M Saddington


  1. To confer Life Membership to the Immediate Past National Chairman.

National Chairman M Saddington, I would now like to confer life membership to our Immediate Past National Chairman M. Webb


The New National Chairman presents the New Immediate Past National Chairman with the Past National Chairman’s Jewel and takes his place at the top table.


  1. The Official Installation of the National Vice Chairman.

National Chairman, M Saddington, I would now like to invite M Farrington of Wessex Branch to come forward to take his position as National Vice Chairman.


M Farrington accepts the National Vice Chairman’s Jewel and takes his seat at the top table.


National Vice Chairman, M Farrington, Admittedly, I did not expect to be back so soon to be perfectly honest with you.  I must say that when I was in the seat before I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I want to make a few changed which I think will benefit the association and I am looking forward to the next 2 years


  1. The New Chairman’s Address to the Members;

G Hill. Mid Shires branch, Mr Chairman, can I propose a vote of thanks for the Immediate Past National Chairman.

National Chairman, M Saddington, thanks you for allowing me the opportunity of becoming National Chairman for the third time.  Over the past year I have been looking at the progress of the Association and looking at ways of improving the CMPE.  There have been rumours that the Preston & Fylde Branch were looking to take over the CMPE. Which is definitely not true.  I think we have members that are interested in the CMPE and want to see it move forward and are willing to make a conscious effort to move it forward and make it more interesting for people to join. J Robinson became our branch chairman and took over the running of the National Website, which is a vast improvement on what we had before and there is still more work to be done. Just watch this space had John has many more ideas on how to improve it further.

S McDonald became our National Treasurer after 20 odd years working for JCB Finance and by working closely with our National Registrar P Bowring he has devised a method in which the CoC revenue can easily be reconciled.

We are moving forward by removing the use of cheques and now using electronic bank transfer which makes all transactions quicker and easier.

Stuart has had an agreement with JCB for £2,000 contribution towards the setup of the website and a further £500 every year thereafter towards the up keep of the website. All of this in an effort to make the CMPE more attractive to new members and to move the Association forward. We also now have a privacy policy.

Our National Registrar and PR & Marketing Manager have worked closely together to ensure that out CoC card meets all the scrutiny Health & Safety standard and CDM regulations ensuring that we are up to date.  Remember that our certificate was one of the first introduced within the industry.  I can see that we have made vast improvements within the association for our members.  We are and association that is moving forward and looking for new members with everything that we now have to offer.


  1. Date of the 2018 NAGM

National Chairman, M Saddington I will now let our National Vice Chairman give you the date and details of our 2018 NAGM.

National Vice Chairman, M Farrington, as you know I did not decide to take on the position until late, so I haven’t had the chance to organise anything as of yet. All I can say is that it will be in June but I haven’t sorted out an exact date or location as of yet, but I will let you all know as soon as I have things in place.


  1. To announce total sum raised by the raffle.

National Chairman, M Saddington, we raised the grand sum of £195 this morning so if you can all get your tickets out we will see who has won the flagon of Whisky kindly donated by Littler Machinery of Thornby and Ray Littler will be at the Dinner Dance tonight.


  1. The New National Chairman to bring the meeting to a close.

National Chairman, M Saddington, I would like to bring the 2017 NAGM to a close. I hope that you all enjoy the rest of the activities that we have planned for you and I look forward to seeing you all at the dinner dance tonight.


Business concluded, the meeting closed at 12.05 hrs.