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The Minutes of the 2018 National AGM 

This is a concise version of the minutes.

A full version of the minutes is available to members upon request.

From the National Secretary by emailing: info@cmpe.co.uk

Contractors Mechanical Plant Engineers


56th Annual General Meeting Minutes


Saturday 23rd June 2018

Botley Park Spa Hotel



National Officers:                                                                                                                           National Council Representatives:

F Fiveash                                       National Life President                                                    S MacKay                    Aberdeen

M Saddington                               National Chairman                                                            H Brown                      Glasgow

M Farrington                                 National Vice Chairman                                                   D Nicholson               Preston & Fylde

M Webb                                          Imm. Past National Chairman                                        Mrs A Farrington     Wessex

S McDonald                                  National Treasurer                                                             Mrs M Webb             Sussex

Mrs G Papp                                   National Secretary                                                                                                     

P Bowring                                      National Registrar                                                              

Gerry Bingham                             National PR & Marketing Executive                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Branch Chairpersons

D Stephen                  Aberdeen                                                                                                                                                                                  

D Hodges                    Manchester                                                                                              

G Hill                            Mid Shires                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Association Members                                                                                                                  

A Toal                          Glasgow                                                                                                     P Attwood                   Wessex   

A Ward                        Mid Shires                                                                                                  A Gadd                         Wessex

G Tidbury                    Mid Shires                                                                                                  R Clarke                       Wessex        

J Robinson                 Preston & Fylde                                                                                         Mrs J Tollerfield         Wessex   

D Holden                     Preston & Fylde                                                                                         G Rawlings                  Wessex        

A Walker                      Preston & Fylde                                                                                         Mrs E Farrington        Wessex        

E Peat                          Preston & Fylde                                                                                         Mrs J Vallis                 Wessex

M Howard                  Wessex                                                                                                         M Maskell                   Wessex   

S Farwell                     Wessex                                                                                                        A Hawkins                   Wessex

D Farwell                    Wessex


National Members

M Papp                        National Member

R Nugent                     National Member




 The Meeting Commenced at 09.35hrs



  1. Notice Convening the Meeting.                                       The National Chairman asked that the Notice Convening the meeting to be taken as read.
  2. Welcome Address.

The National Chairman, M Saddington, welcomed all the 36 members (including the National Officers) who were in attendance and thanked the Wessex Branch for their efforts in organising the weekend.  He asked that all-in attendance had signed themselves in at the door and that those who wished had purchased their raffle tickets.


The National Chairman, M Saddington, noted the points of order for the meeting,

  • reminding attendees that it was a non-smoking meeting,
  • requested that all mobile phones were to be switched off,
  • that there was to be silence when the National Chairman stands,
  • no two people were to stand at the same time
  • members were to clearly state their name and branch before speaking.
  • Each member attending will be accountable for a vote either for against or abstaining


  1. Appointment of Scrutineers.

   The National Chairman: M Saddington, we need to appoint two scrutineers for this meeting would you please state your   names                                                                                                                                 

The two scrutineers appointed A Gadd and R Clarke both of Wessex Branch.


  1. Notification of written apologies for Absence

The National Secretary, Mrs G Papp, Noted the receipt of the following apologies for absence.


                    Aberdeen                                       Glasgow                               Hampshire                                               Manchester

                   J Longmuir                                                                                   Alex Levitt


Mid Shires                                      North East                                      Preston & Fylde                           Staffs & Midlands                   

A Ward                                             R Legender                                     D Cunliffe                                     G Mayo     S Kavanagh

                                                                                                                                                                           V Spillard S Tranter

                                                                                                                                                                           N Rowell   S Gregory

                                                                                                                                                                           C Miller     A Hare

                                                                                                                                                                           M Deakin    G Lawrence

                                                                                                                                                                           M Clancy

                    Sussex                                              Wessex                                                                Yorkshire                   

                                                                               E Broderick                                                         D Bemrose

                                                                              J Oak                                                                     D Fielden

                                                                             M Loader


  1. Approval of the minutes from the 2018 National Annual General Meeting.

The National Chairman, M Saddington, asked if everyone present had received the minutes from the 54th National Annual General Meeting, in accordance with Rule 8, and if there were any queries about them.

The minutes were taken as read;


Approved          S MacKay                              Aberdeen Branch        

 Seconded         Mrs M Webb                          Sussex Branch



                                                        Vote     For                 36

                                                                     Against           0

                                                                     Abstaining      0


The National Chairman M Saddington signed the minutes as a true and accurate record of the 2018 National AGM



  1. Matters Arising from the minutes.     Action

National Chairman, M Saddington are there any matters arising from the minutes which will not be covered by the items on the agenda?

J Robinson: Preston & Fylde Branch, the minutes of our last NAGM were on website within a matter of days sent for approval approved and put on the website well within the 8 weeks originally stated.


There were no further matters arising from the minutes.


  1. National Chairman’s Report.     Action

The National Chairman, M Saddington, Over the last 12 months I have visited most of the branches.

  • North West after receiving the letter informing me of their closure I have contacted them and offered the member who still want to be part of the association, membership of the Preston & Fylde Branch
  • Membership cards have been distributed
  • Accounts sorted thanks to Stuart McDonald
  • George Stockton received the Frank Hooper award last year for his efforts with the COC. This year he has put through 303 CoC’s putting over £28.000 into the CMPE account
  • The website going forward correctly as is the National Telephone Number.


P Attwood: Wessex branch, the North West was the wealthiest branch what has happened to all of the money they had?

National Treasurer: S McDonald, they have used it all, running shows and social events etc.  They have been bleeding it over the past few years.  All of their events and functions were fully funded.  I have spoken to Keith and He had said on many occasions said that once the money had gone they would close the branch down.

S MacKay: Aberdeen Branch its over 20 years since the last Haydock show and the money that they were sitting on would now have been used up


The National Chairman, M Saddington asked if there were any questions with regards to his report.


No further questions were raised.


  1. The National Secretary’s Report:                                                                                                    Action

The National Secretary. Mrs G Papp, the report for the National Website and National Telephone Number will be given by J Robinson later in the meeting.  It has been a steady year to date, the new members are trickling through mainly from the plant shows.  The members list was sent to P Bowering and the membership cards have now been issued accordingly. I am no longer receiving spurious telephone calls or emails thanks to the work that John and Pat have done on the new website and telephone number and all enquirers are being dealt with in a timely manner.                                                                                                                                                                       


  1. The Acceptance of the Examined Accounts for the year ending 31st March 2018. Action

The National Treasurer, S McDonald,


National Chairman, M Saddington, can we have a proposer and seconder for the audited accounts please?


Proposer      P Attwood                 Wessex Branch

 Seconder    R Nugent                     National Member & Past National Chairman           



The National Treasurer, S McDonald, asked if there were any further questions with regards his report.

 There were no further questions for the National Treasurer.   

The full accounts are available to members from the National Secretary       


  1. The Appointment of Independent Examiners.                       

National Chairman, M Saddington, are we going to stay with our Auditors Menzies?

National Treasurer, S McDonald, Can I suggest that we do stay with Menzies as they are doing a fantastic job and they know how the association works.  We are on a reducing cost each year and they have assisted and advised us with all the tax issues etcetera, especially with the proposed HMRC changes which could come into force next April

    National Chairman, M Saddington can we have a show of hands if we agree with that.


                                                                           For                        36

                                                                           Against                0

                                                                           Abstaining          0

 It was decided by a unanimous vote to continue using Menzies as recommended by the National Treasurer.        


  1. CoC Committee Report                                                                                                                                             
  2. National Registrar, P Bowring, Good morning everyone.  I am pleased to announce good news; our turnover is up again for my fifth year with a modest increase of £1,500.  When I took on the position I stated that I would increase the income and put the CMPE on a firm financial footing.  This has been achieved.  I also stated that I would achieve a better awareness and try to reverse the negative attitude to our scheme.

I feel that we are halfway there, but our members need to be of the same frame of mind to make this fully successful.

I also stated that I would create an accountable system that meets the Health & Safety requirements and make us ready for the phases of CDM. This has also been achieved and rubber stamped by CHAS.  There are 16 Phases to this and we are currently on Phase 3.

I have actively sought sponsorship to cover the cost of the printing of the CoC applications and this has now been covered by Wacker Neuson who are also discussing the new application forms with the auto GDPR.  The applications for membership have been covered by Avant Techno Ltd.

As you are aware we have 2 websites one for the CoC and the other for the Association members.  These 2 sites run alongside each other and are proving a valuable tool the both the association and the CoC.

I have decreased the number of disgruntled operators to a mere dribble and we are now finding that the ticket is accepted 80% of the time.

I have finally found a way into CHAS, subject to a proposal contract and we have agreed, in principle. A deal to have accreditation on our card from CHAS at no extra cost to us.  The only cost there will be is to send 3 representatives to attend a one-day accrediting course which will be travel costs and a one-night stay in a hotel.  These 3 members are required by CHAAS to meet the accrediting criteria and it is important that the 2 trainers selected are young enough to see the project forward after my demise.  In acquiring CHAS, we have linked up with the help of Human Focus in providing our operators with an e-learning certification by ROSPA which can be used and activated on their smart phones, tablets and/or laptops.  These certificates meet the H&S requirements of our certification process linked to the CHAS specification and accreditation.   We can also supply an app to go on the operator’s smartphone with a QR code to reveal a PDF of all of his or her qualifications and risk assessment files, which will make is far easier to produce the necessary information when they are on a site.

As you are all aware, I am now starting my final year in office which will conclude in June 2019.  I have been asked to continue in the role by many members, however the decision will have to be made in the February National Council Meeting.  Obviously if any member suitably qualified wishes to put up for the position of National Registrar I am more than happy to stand down.

I do believe that we are on the brink of moving the Association into the 21st Century, providing members with what they require from a professional organisation.

J Robinson: Preston & Fylde Branch, I have the app already installed on my phone you log in there is a QF and it shows all my qualifications right back until I was 15 which is many years. The operator goes onto site and gives the information to the site manager and they can find everything. Scanska are already looking into this and are very interested!

National Vice Chairman: M Farrington we have paid the cost for the app and then we go on to getting the other certificates is that double bubble for the CMPE?

National Registrar: P Bowring we get £5 for every Health and Safety issue and £20 for every time they sign up to the app. this is on a go card less scheme

P Attwood: Wessex Branch this is your specialist subject so CHAS are a QwanGo? Why are we paying lip-service to CHAS?  So, we have to go with the flow but they are still a qwango

National Registrar: P Bowring the CEO of Chas is a friend of Human Focus and they have got us through the door I had to set down a proposal for CHAS.

National Treasurer: S McDonald CHAS is a verification body. we have to show our Health and Safety procedures etc. on an annual basis, to enable others to work on certain sites.  There are 3000 companies with CHAS and that means that there are many employees we could approach.

D Hodges:, would you agree with me to regionalize the COC revenue so that the relevant branches get the revenue.  We have trainers covering the whole of the country

The issues we have is that the particular individual is in my area and he is with another branch and that is why the revenue is going through them..

S MacKay: Aberdeen Branch, the solution to that is to get a proactive trainer within your area.

Marg Webb: Sussex Branch may I propose a vote of confidence for Pat and all the work he has done for the CoC and bringing us into the 21st Century.


There were no further questions for the National Registrar.


PR & Marketing Report.                                                                                                                                              

National PR & Marketing Executive, G Bingham, Preston & Fylde Branch, Good Morning everyone.  some of the figures from Stuart I must admit I was a little shocked of the total so I asked for a breakdown the advert £3,054 was the Earthmovers and Farm Machinery magazine and the National Federation of builder’s year book.

£1,300 for the advert was for this year, but we had to do the organising of that in last year accounts and paid for it, last year we will hopefully see the benefit of that this year.

The Earthmovers and Farming machinery is no longer there. Farming Machinery turned beneficial which helped Pat secure Avant who have sponsored us and we are getting a hell of a lot of COCs through them using our marketing side of things.

Exhibition side £4,542 main part of that was Plantworx 2017 the details were in the National Council report of May we unfortunately don’t have a free stand with them and the hire of the trailer £438. we got a Free stand at Hillhead just past the main registration the biggest show of its type in the world, we are at the top just before you go down the hill to the main exhibition. The National telephone line John will go through that side of things.  We presented the Frank Hooper award to George Stockton at their branch with a celebratory meal and that has added to the expenditure. A massive thank you to Pat for transporting all the equipment for the stand. We were up and running by 5pm on the Thursday evening and the show opened at 8am on the Friday morning Thanks to S MacKay and Hugh Brown for their attendance and support at the stand and there were a number of members form the North East Branch. Many attended the stand there were also many COC enquiries which I let Pat deal with.  We had a rep from Human Focus who demonstrated the app AB2000 from Glasgow spent a lot of time with Human Focus and was very interested

Hugh Brown: Glasgow Branch they have been recently taken over by Quaqtre are they accepting the COC down here?

National Registrar: P Bowring: he did say the recycling side of them definitely accept our card

National PR & Marketing: G Bingham We are going to Hillhead in Buxton on Monday thanks to Pat again we have everything organised and hope to be up and running by Monday evening. The stand Is C5 the organisers have extended the show and the registration area is now double the original size and the demonstration areas has also doubled.   We will be there for the 3 days and it finishes at 16.30 hrs on Thursday.  Please come and support us the coffee pot will be on; Human Focus will be there on Tuesday and Thursday morning to demonstrate what we can now offer.

The Advertising costs will be dramatically reduced this year now that we only use the National Federation of Builders.  We have a full-page advert and it’s a directory of every registered builder and contact details throughout the country. We have been talking at branch level at how we can use that to get more members I can supply that information to the branches that are interested

A Hawkins: Wessex Branch, surely the internet has taken over the use of a book? I can sit at my desk and bring up the information that is in that book.  We are spending £1,300 to have our information put in that book which I feel is an unnecessary expenditure

National PR & Marketing Executive: G Bingham, we have quite a few builders that have joined us through the book even a coupled from other industries.  Even the guy from Human Focus promotes the information


     There were no further questions for the National PR & Marketing Executive


  1. Update on the National Website and Telephone Number – J Robinson

J Robinson: Preston & Fylde Branch I still have a lack of information from branches. There are only 3 branches that communicate with me regularly; Glasgow, P&F & Wessex. Some I do not hear from at all.  I am looking to bring another proposal to NCM in September to discuss this further as the website cannot be maintained without the information that we need.

The rule book was updated at the NAGM 2017 and was placed on the website by 1st July 2018. It’s had about 15 reads.  How many of you have updated your GDPR? – the fine for not updating is £7,000,000 or 10% of annual income, it had 2 looks.  There has been lots of positive feedback, 11,800 hits since January.

The National Phone number we have approximately 22 calls per month.  90% of the call are profitable to us. It goes to phones direct, they contact me and then I contact the relevant person, they reply and copy me in on this. It costs us a little but makes us look professional.  The saddest one was from a North West Branch Member asking if he was still a member. I passed it on to Giv and it was dealt with.  I get a report of how many people access and where they are from.  For the branches that are active there is fantastic feedback and they are using it accordingly

A Hawkins: Wessex Branch I must say I only access our branch page, but we also have our Facebook pages

  1. Proposals: Received:- Amendments to the Rule Book to allow for the introduction of Corporate Membership

National Secretary: Mrs G Papp, I have only received one proposal this year, I now ask D Nicholson our Preston & Fylde Branch to stand and give his presentation.

D Nicholson: Preston & Fylde Branch – it’s almost 12 months ago when I stood up in NC stating my concerns with the membership number and I proposed to go forward and introduce corporate membership.  We notified every member on the list of the process we were planning to go ahead and those replies gave us a mandate on how to proceed. we formed a committee and we put something to go ahead which would mean making very slight amendments to the rule book as detailed below.

It’s just a matter of changing the words not agreeing

R Nugent: National Member and Past National Chairman, we don’t need this to be voted on the corporate membership has been agreed so we just have to go ahead to allow this to happen

Immediate Past National Chairman: M Webb, it states that any changes to the rule have to be ratified at the NAGM do therefore this is what is happening.

S MacKay: Aberdeen Branch, if you are changing the wording of the rule book needs to be agreed and voted at the NAGM.

G Hill Mid Shires Branch, if we do have a vote and someone objects we cannot proceed with it this purely notification of the information,

D Hodges Manchester Branch, by taking the word individuals out we are changing the very principles on which the Association was built!


It was agreed to proceed with the word changes to allow for corporate membership


  1. The Presentation of the Frank Hooper Shield.

Immediate Past National Chairman, M Webb, it’s a great pleasure to announce this award. Mick and I have decided to give it to a branch for the amount of work that they do for charity and to promote the CMPE.  This year’s award goes to ABERDEEN Branch


  1. The Joe Russell Award

National Vice Chairman, M Farrington, The Joe Russell award contribution of £1000 will be awarded to a worthy charity breast Cancer. This is something that is very close to us we have had to deal with this with our family and I appreciate that the CMPE have allowed us to do this.


  1. Any Other Business

National Chairman, M Saddington are there any other items that anyone wishes to bring forward for discussion at this meeting?

B Nugent: National Member and Past National Chairman, looking at the printing cost and the information it showed, could we have a break down on the QR and use that instead?

National PR & Marketing Executive: G Bingham, I am still learning about this.

National Registrar: P Bowring, do you know what the cost for the QR for the association will be £20.000 to have your individual one.  The one we have is purely for the training side of things not for the finances and information of the CMPE.


  1. The installation of the New National Chairman


After a long discussion the New National Chairman Michael Farrington was Installed. A full transcript of the discussion Is available to members from the National Secretary.


  1. To confer Life Membership to the Immediate Past National Chairman.

National Chairman M Farrington, I would now like to confer life membership to our Immediate Past National Chairman M Saddington


The New National Chairman presented the New Immediate Past National Chairman with the Past National Chairman’s Jewel and takes his place at the top table.


 The Official Installation of the National Vice Chairman.

National Chairman, M Farrington, I would now like to invite G Hill of Midshires Branch to come forward to take his position as National Vice Chairman.


G Hill accepted the National Vice Chairman’s Jewel and takes his seat at the top table.


  1. The New Chairman’s Address to the Members;

National Chairman, M Farrington, I am looking at the expenses and trying to get the association moving forward as I have already stated.  I am looking forward to the year ahead


  1. The National Vice Chairman to announce the Date of the 57th NAGM 2019

National Chairman, M Farrington I will now let our National Vice Chairman give you the date and details of our 2019 NAGM.

National Vice Chairman, G Hill, the date of the 57th NAGM 14th June  Venue is the Sharnbrook  Hotel on the A6 just outside Wellingborough on the approach to Bedford.  I will provide further details at our September Meeting


  1. To announce total sum raised by the raffle.

National Chairman, M Farrington, we raised the grand sum of £195 this morning so if you can all get your tickets out we will see who has won the flagon of Whisky kindly donated by


  1. The New National Chairman to bring the meeting to a close.

National Chairman, M Farrington, I would like to bring the 2018 NAGM to a close. I hope that you all enjoy the rest of the activities that we have planned for you and I look forward to seeing you all at the dinner dance tonight.


Business concluded, the meeting closed at 12.05 hrs.