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Setting the Standard Since 1957

Welcome to Wessex CMPE

I have been associated with the construction industry for nearly forty years now. Starting many moons ago on a building site in Crawley Down near East Grinstead, West Sussex

At the time we were building 1500 new houses, and they were being sold before the footings were even dug. A five bedroom Georgian house would of set you back £22,000 amazing, but when you think my first week’s wages was only £16.75p it puts it all back into perspective. House prices have changed dramatically I just wish my wages had.

I find it amazing that we have probably seen more changes in our industry within the last 10 years than in the twenty before them, and there doesn’t seem to be any let up in the speed of which we progress. I know people will say that in the good old days, we were allowed to get on with the our business and not get wrapped up in Health and safety paper work and training, but I firmly believe we have come a long way in improving lots of areas in our work place as a result.

My main focus in my two year term will be to improve membership numbers, we have seen a steady decline over the last 6 years, and we need now to reignite an enthusiasm for what is a fabulous organisation.
We need to attract younger members, giving them the understanding of the networking opportunities, wealth of knowledge available within our ranks and advertising our charity work, to promote the feel good factor not only locally but nationally.

Andy Hawkins
Chairman, Wessex Branch