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Setting the Standard Since 1957

Dear Angie

On behalf of all at Breast Cancer Haven, I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank
you for your generous donation of £1,000.00.

Breast Cancer Haven is a national charity that provides free support to women and men
throughout or after their breast cancer treatment. When breast cancer tries to rob a woman of her
individuality, confidence or strength, Breast Cancer Haven provides a tailored package of
emotional, physical and practical support that helps her hold on to them.

A diagnosis of breast cancer can be frightening and the treatment gruelling. Surgery,
chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hair loss and medication can all take its toll. Medical treatment is
necessary but women and men need so much more than this.

That is where we come in.

It costs around £1,000 to provide the Breast Cancer Haven programme for visitor; the care
and support makes a huge difference to their lives at a difficult time.

Thank you again for your kind donation. Our work would simply not be possible without the
generosity of supporters such as yourselves, on whom we rely on to raise the necessary income to
keep our services available.

Yours sincerely

Sarah Woods
Corporate Fundraising Officer