The Contractors Mechanical Plant Engineers (CMPE) was founded in 1957 as a meeting place for members involved with mechanical plant as used in the construction industry.  In 1983 it became the first in the field by issuing a certificate stating the competency of the operator.  With branches in England, Scotland and Wales the CMPE also offers the experience of its members to help develop and improve safety standards within the construction industry.


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The Association was founded in 1957, the members being individuals, not companies, with a common interest in the operation, ownership, maintenance, repair and improvement of contracts plant and machinery.

The objective of the CMPE are to broaden the scope of knowledge of such plant and its application, by placing the corporate knowledge of members at the disposal of any section of the industry. The Association aim is to make a worthwhile contribution to the greater understanding, as well as the more effective and safer use, of mechanical plant.

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The CMPE Certificate of Competence (COC) was introduced in 1983 to promote the safer use of plant and in the only independent and traceable system which acknowledges the operators’ ability and experience.

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